Student Council

Sharing Ideas and Interests

The Student Council was initiated as a way to introduce students to the process of formal meetings, clear communication, and to develop responsibility, initiative, and leadership skills.

The committee of the Upper School Council (elected by their peers) includes Luise (Chair), Martin (Secretary), Fabian (Treasurer), Christian, Helena, Lara, Antonia, Wassim, Gabriella, Maximilian, Martin, Mairin, Donghun, Lily and Amina. The Upper School Student Council Coordinator is Ms. Williamson, who helps oversee events. The complete group, consisting of a representative from each grade level, meets regularly.

Members of the Lower School Student Council are: Helena, Abdel, Phearoun, Erik, Anna-Lena, Richard, Marion, Linda, Bendix, Christopher and Miriam.

The  Lower School Student Council is guided by Ms. Bourgoin. They meet on a regular basis to discuss student and school issues. The Lower School Student Council is holding Spirit Days once a month, which are a way to encourage the community spirit within the Lower School. They decide and announce how the funds collected at those occasions are used.

The combined Student Council runs activities such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween’s Haunted House, and community service events such as "Shades of Love". The Student Council is also expected to act as representatives for the student body.

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