ThIS Weimar - Parents

"Our school is special because we have the PYP certificate."

Grade 4 student


In keeping with its mission, the school endorses active, open communication between the Leadership Team, the faculty, the parents, and the students. The School strives to keep the parents well informed about the School’s operations, curriculum, programs, and governance.

ThIS welcomes discussions, questions, and constructive suggestions based on the understanding that it is beneficial to the School when parents, students and the community take an active interest in School affairs.

The School can be a cohesive factor in the life of the local and international community. For that reason, efforts will be made to keep the community at large informed about the purpose, accomplishments, and needs of the School. The School will seek ways to contribute appropriately to the community as well as make use of community talent and resources in the School’s programs.

Thuringia International
School at Weimar (ThIS)
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99425 Weimar

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