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"Our school is special because we are like a very big family and our teachers are coming from all over the world."

Grade 4 student

Our school

Established in 2000, Thuringia International School Weimar ThIS is the only private international school in the State of Thuringia. It is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of both expatriate and host country dependents in the region. ThIS is a non-profit organization, an “Ergänzungschule,” a privately-maintained school providing courses of education not normally available in the public sector. The school is governed by a Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. The school’s funding is partly tuition based and also supported with subsidies from the state.  

Here at Thuringia International School Weimar, we offer a rigorous academic programme to prepare students for a demanding future. At our wonderful campus, in a new building, we cater more than 300 students from Early Primary to grade 12 and have the ability to grow to 450 students.

ThIS is a world-class IB School providing a 21st century education. Students are afforded four options for graduating; the IGCSE, an IB Diploma, a ThIS Diploma with IB Certificates, or a ThIS Diploma, equivalent to the US High School Diploma.

As you explore the dynamic website and our programmes in the Lower and Upper Schools you will get a sense of why ThIS is a unique place for learning and growing.

April 2011

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